Solar Energy and its Amazing benefits

Higher electricity price is a primary reason why several householders are looking to supply electricity to their home using another means. Other reasons inspiring property owners to source alternative solutions include protecting the health of our planet and also the limited supply of fossil fuels. Solar energy is one of the alternatives to fossil fuels which have won the interests of numerous homeowners. Solar energy is not only a renewable and dependable energy source but also clean and non-polluting.


There’s an increasing popularity of this energy amongst home owners year after year. In 2016 there was about 1 million residential solar installations in the United States and there is a belief that this will double to 2 million by the end of 2018. Solar installations are quite common in states such as New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts and California. Based on the National Ranking for solar, California, which is also called the ‘sunshine state’ is hailed the number 1 user of solar energy in the country. Nevertheless, states that we normally wouldn’t think of for solar like New Jersey isn’t far behind with a National Ranking of 5th and over 340,000 houses run by solar. The state of Massachusetts is 6th in National Ranking and it has about 312,000 homes powered by solar. Connecticut on the other hand, although 18th on the National Ranking is interesting as householders in Connecticut seem to have an open mind and rising adoption of solar. This could be seen in the fact that investments from 2015 increased a drastic 124% from 2014. Since the early 2000s, Connecticut has also been included in the top 10 states for energy efficiency policies and programs.


The increase in solar adoption isn’t a surprise as there are several benefits of solar power; including a full list that could be locatedhere on Cleaner NRG’s website. To start with, householders can save a lot from employing solar energy. A house owner that either lease, purchase or finance a solar panel system can reduce or even eliminate their monthly power bills. In addition to that, having a solar panel system will leave you unaffected by booming electricity costs.


Added advantages of solar energy include the value it adds to the house owners home itself. Based on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory for every $1 in energy bill savings from your solar installation your home’s total value raises by $20. Aspects such as the size of the installation and location of a home are very important to bear in mind as they will impact the total increase. Since a solar panel system will be placed over your roof, you can consider the system as your roof protection. With solar panels being installed on top of your shingles, the longevity of the shingles themselves is protected against harsh elements such as rain, hail, snow and even sunlight. Please click here to read the full article about it.


Home owners who are searching for the best solar option ought to get a company which will help them get the best provider when it comes to product, warranty, installation and savings. All these factors will affect a house owners bottom line. If you need the very best option for your house, you must seek an advice from a solar market place like Cleaner NRG.


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